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PUR Water Filter

© July 2008 Anthony Lawrence

There's nothing wrong with our town water except that it sometimes has a strong chlorine taste. I don't mind that a whole lot if I'm just drinking a glass of water, but for some reason it really annoys me when I make tea.

For years, we've been buying bottled water and that annoys me both for the minor annoyance and expense but also for the plastic trash generated every week. We have enough plastic in our landfills to last our descendants for thousands of years; I'm sick of adding to it.

So, last night we bought a PUR faucet mount 3-stage water filter. I installed it this morning and made a pot of tea.. perfect.

I've read reviews that complain that these things only last five or six years. From a cost point of view, that's not bad, but now I have to wonder whether five years of plastic water bottles is worse than the plastic and other junk in here.. and then there are the filters which get thrown away every few months.. I may be saving money, but am I doing worse by our landfills? I don't know..

Oh well - the tea tastes good. The plastic I'll be chucking takes up less space for sure and maybe it is less waste overall.. I hope so.

Tony Lawrence 2008-07-04 Rating: 4.0

We later replaced this with an undersink Aquasana system.

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Wed Jul 9 11:50:32 2008: 4402   donal

The cost to the environment of a bottle of water is 1000 that of tap water.. Just think of the time/effort/extra trips to the super market spent getting the bottled water home.. Add that up every year.

Wed Jul 9 13:17:10 2008: 4403   BigDumbDinosaur

The only part of the filter that goes south is the filter element itself. We have a PUR filter here and it's been doing its thing for close to five years. When the element finally has to be replaced, it'll be one small piece of plastic, rather than endless empty water bottles.

In most locales, tap water is just fine and except for the possible chlorine issue (perhaps your municipality is over-chlorinating their water), is at least as healthy as bottle water. Plus, the latter doesn't have fluoride, which the former almost always does.

Thu Jul 10 10:32:41 2008: 4409   TonyLawrence

Interestingly, I drink more water now.. this tastes better than the stuff from jugs and is easier..

Fri Aug 22 09:32:26 2008: 4506   ChrisDierkens

From an environmental standpoint...
Firstly, your plastic water bottles should be included in your regional recycle program. So, they should be recycled which would eliminate them from the landfill.
Secondly, your garbage, or solid waste, is NOT sent directly to a landfill. Most of the garbage in MA, CT, and RI is sent to waste-to-energy facilities. These facilities burn the garbage and make electricity from it. It is considered a form of renewable energy. This process reduces the amount of landfill space by 90%.

How do I know... It's my business to maintain the Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) at most of these facilities. The CEMS include a computer system that allows the operators to collect, display and report the air emissions from these waste-to-energy facilities.

Tony, you had a part in setting up the computers on these CEM Systems... The run on SCO Unix which was purchased through you.

One last thing... If the tea tastes better, that's a good thing and well worth it... So drink up, properly disposing of the filters doesn't cause any harm to the environment. (link)

Fri Aug 22 10:00:56 2008: 4507   TonyLawrence

I don't think the SCO was purchased through me..

I wish we had recycling here. Our trash is all together, unsorted.

Fri Aug 22 10:53:23 2008: 4508   TonyLawrence

I stand corrected: I see that 5 SCO upgrades were purchased here..


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