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The Opera Browser is now free of ads, and has come a long way since I last looked at it. If you haven't given Opera a spin recently, you'll find it has the features you expect like tabbed browsing and RSS feeds, but it also has some nice ideas of its own like a Trash icon that lets you recall pages you accidentally closed, and a "Fast Forward" button that guesses what link you'd click on next. That works well on sites like Google, and when it doesn't work well, it can lead you to places you never thought of going.

Opera is clean, looks good, is small, fast and works well. There's a menu choice for "Quick Preferences" that covers the most common changes, and one of those lets you quickly set its identity string to Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Opera for compatibility. Opera calls groups of tabs "sessions" and of course lets you bookmark these and use them for your home page.

There are more geeky features like voice integration and more, but the important idea is that this is an excellent browser that you should at least test drive. There are Firefox plugins that I use every day that make it impossible for me to switch outright, but if it were not for those, I think I'd rather use Opera all the time.

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Fri Oct 7 12:54:25 2005: 1177   infinity

I have wikipedia-google,vim extension in the search box and test driving FF 1.5 beta1 (so no extensions)

Fri Oct 7 13:10:21 2005: 1178   TonyLawrence

I use Web Developer, Google, and Netcraft extensively.


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