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Samsung Digimax A402 Digital Camera

© August 2005 Tony Lawrence

After years of painstaking and detailed research, I have purchased a digital camera.

Yeah, right. I researched nothing. I asked a few relatives who bought digital cameras long ago, but in fact I just walked into WalMart last night, saw a reasonable camera at a reasonable price ($126.00) and bought it. I learned how to use it at a basic level in a few minutes, and am happy enough.

I actually did buy a cheap ($40.00) digital a few years ago. It took awful pictures, had a clunky serial interface that failed more often than it worked, and I soon filed it away as being just too much trouble. I knew I wanted something much better, but I wasn't about to pay $300.00 or more for something that is more convenience than necessity. I wanted to wait till the prices came down, and they of course have.

My needs are modest. I mostly need this for web work, and especially for my Geek Yard Sale (link dead, sorry) . This model has two focus settings, and the .2 meter for close work is just about right for my web site needs. I don't need fine detail - I'm not selling coins, stamps or fine art, so this is good enough. My other need now and then is to document something at a job site, and again the quality is plenty good enough for that use too. I wish I had it a few weeks ago when my wife and I were looking at model homes; it's hard for us to remember all the options we were interested in.

You can read specs at Samsung Digimax A402 specs if you care. I'm sure there's a dozen other models with similar or even better features, but this seemed to be the best Walmart had at that moment at that price level. They did have some less expensive models too, but they seemed too limited. This has features I doubt I need (like audio and movie recording), but so what?

I was happy to see that upon plugging the included USB cable into my Mac, iPhoto fired right up, mounted the camera, and offered to import the pictures. Zero brain work required, which is always a plus for old geezers like me.

In closing, I recommend this camera in a generic sense. That is, if you are like me and are not camera savvy (what's an f-stop?), these things are now simple enough and inexpensive enough to be worth owning, as long as your requirements are modest. No doubt if your requirements are not simple, you have already bought some whiz bang digital or film camera that has its own Mensa membership, so you will sneer in the most disdainful manner possible: these toys are not for you.

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-> Samsung Digimax A402 Digital Camera

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Tue Aug 2 01:59:54 2005: 921   drag

Hehe. I worked as a assistant for a artist for a while and the first studio we had was owned by a "big deal" style professional photographer guy. Very professional, did a lot of those photographs for 'malburo man' ads that were popular advertisements a few years ago.

I found the key to making great photographs is to take LOTS of photographs. He'd take thousands of photographs on a trip, run the slide stamping machine for a week or so, and spend a few days running thru all of them with some exec or whatnot until they found the 2 or 3 that they'd use.

So I am a retched photographer but I made sure to buy a nice big flash card for my camera and I always try to set the 'take multiple photographs' setting whenever I take a photo. So I'd end up with 4-8 photos of whatever I was taking in quick succession. Then out of those odds were that I'd end up with one or two that weren't blurry or had my finger over the lens or whatnot.

That's the great thing about digital cameras. It costs about the same to take 1 photograph as 40.. so odds are in your favor for better photos then thru film.


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