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Aquasana Premium Under Counter Drinking System

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We had bought a PUR Water Filter last year. We were happy with the filtered water, but didn't like the lack of head-room in the sink - having that screwed on limits the size of items you can get under the faucet.

I started by asking a plumber. He gave me a quote of $447.00 for an under-sink system - that was quite a bit more than I wanted to pay, so I started looking on line.

The    Aquasana Premium Under Counter Drinking System looked like it would solve my problem.

At $175.95 for everything, and a promise of easy installation, this was less than half what that plumber wanted. The installation was very easy - they included all fittings and connectors and I needed no tools beyond a screwdriver, drill, and adjustable wrench. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes to install. We have PEX tubing for our water lines, so I was able to flex and bend that enough to slip in the T-fitting without having to cut anything. I probably could have done the same thing with copper, but it would have been a little harder.

The filters need to be replaced every six months. Again, that looks very easy to do and, based on on-line costs, it looks like that will cost less than $120.00 a year. That seems fine - it sure costs less than buying bottled water.

Tony Lawrence 2009-05-03 Rating: 4.5

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