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linux sucks windows vs linux

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Why should you use Linux?

It has to do with doing work. Whatever your work is.

I really can't tell you how it can help you specifically, because I don't know what you do. My own work involves web pages, programming, and moving data from one format to another, email.. I am constantly, all day long, manipulating files, data, changing formats, searching for patterns.

More to the point, when I find myself doing repetitive tasks, I automate them through scripting. For example, I maintain the FAQ for the comp.unix.sco.misc newsgroup. I took it over from the former maintainer just a month ago, and the first thing I noticed was that adding factoids was a major pain in the butt- I had to add the text, update the index, update the modification history, and then create the text-only versions that get posted monthly. I also needed to integrate the new information with my own customized search engine. I wrote a Perl script to do all that for me (and yes, you can have Perl on Windows but believe me- it is NOT the same, not because Perl is different but just because Windows gets in your way).

When I add articles to my web page, I have similar problems- updates of index pages, cross-references, etc. Again, scripts. And again, you are probably thinking "I can write .bat files" - but that's like me describing a Harley Davidson and you piping up about your tricycle! You do NOT have the power, and it's not just the scripting languages themselves, it's the underlying OS that gets in your way, and blocks you at every turn. You may get it done, but it will take much more effort.

I have, like most of us, tremendous archives of email. Very often, mail from or to someone that did not need its own folder later becomes important enough or just voluminous enough to need to be reorganized. I hate to think how you'd do that on Windows, but it's dead easy for me.

I do the same sorts of things for my customers. You need a "printer" that transforms the data it gets into a csv file, and emails the result to a bunch of people, noting which of them needs it with Unix line endings, which with Mac and which as Windows? Does one of them need a summary? Does someone else need to be notified that the files were sent? No problem. You want an LDAP server that automatically picks up new users and a phone book that drags data from that? And so on.. and again, it's not that you CAN'T do this stuff in Windows, it's that it will take you longer, it's harder, it will cost more. It's a basic difference in philosophy- Windows makes it easy for you do do the things it can do, Linux/Unix makes all things possible.

But if you are happy with your tricycle, be so. When I have to work on Windows I am very often frustrated and annoyed by its limitations- and it is not, as you might think, that I am unfamiliar with the beast: I am (or was, I let it expire) Microsoft MCSE certified. The problem is not me, it's just that Windows is weak, clumsy, messy, stubborn and obstinate. Unix/Linux is sleek, powerful, adaptable, willing and friendly.

Oh well, you either grok it or you don't. Good luck to you.

See Linux sucks, Windows is better than Linux also.

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I don't think you have used Visual Basic on Windows. It has amazing resources to script windows machines.

I have programmed in perl, python, Java, .Net, C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc. I am currently typing this from a Linux machine.

Visual Basic is an interpreted language in the class of Python and Perl. Coupled with the RAD(Rapid Application Development) tools, it can be used to piece together GUI utilities in a snap that do exactly what you decribe, and I argue, in about the same amout of time.

I personally prefer Visual Basic to perl because of my familiarity with it's RAD tools and the IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

Please do not flame Windows when one doesn't even know the preferred development language that people use. It may be a crufty system, but it is not a complete piece of junk.


Okay, I won't flame Windows, even though it richly deserves the criticism it routinely receives by many computer professionals.

However, calling Visual Basic a "development language" is, in essence, like referring to a sledge hammer as a precision assembly tool. VB is a crude mess whose sole purpose is to allow non-programmers to write "programs" that will run under Windows. I personally don't know anyone who writes software for a living who would admit to using VB. Come to think of it, I've yet to find a good reason to write anything that runs on Windows. If I'm forced to employ pictures to communicate with the user then he's probably too damned dumb to properly use a computer.


---January 11, 2005

Well, I do know people who program for a living and use VB :-)

But I still stand by my opinions: If you are happy with your tricycle, be so.


"Well, I do know people who program for a living and use VB."

Gotcha! This court finds you guilty of failure to fully absorb what was written and sentences you to 60 days of editing batch files. &lt;Big Grin&gt;

If you carefully reread what I wrote, you'll see that I didn't say that I don't know anyone who uses VB. &lt;Another Big Grin&gt;


Sun Jul 16 17:05:13 2006: 2263   anonymous

get a suzuki , harley sucks

Mon Jul 17 03:44:08 2006: 2264   BigDumbDinosaur

I think the above respondent missed the entire point of the article.

Aside from that, I can't vouch for Suzuki motorcycles, as I haven't ridden one of those contraptions. Best thing I can say about Japanese bikes is that they are easier than a Harley to pick up after they fall over -- assuming the rider survives the trip.

Sat Sep 6 05:08:05 2008: 4528   anonymous

Harleys are overweight, underpowered, underbraked, overpriced and handle for*\***. Perfect to describe all the bad parts of both operating systems.

Sun May 17 04:26:57 2009: 6372   anonymous

6 days now and i still can't install a software on linux. this os is a fools toy and if i Know how to get linux off the face of the earth i think i would happly do so. people who use linux like's the book better than the movie. i want my time and money back.

Sun May 17 11:56:16 2009: 6373   TonyLawrence

You obviously didn't take advantage of readily available resources. Please see

Wed Nov 25 06:56:31 2009: 7614   Venkat

I wonder you the MS Windows users dont read enought on the net or book. All they like is "click click click and click, its done". weather its simple watching the move or shutting down the system or any complex things from searching/sorting information on the system. Linux provides all the possible options to the users. Windows just provides only one option. I dont deny that windows is lot better now. Previously it provided the option of reboot as solution. Linux now have good UIs and tools. In 1996, when I used Windows 3.1, it was difficult for me to understand how the stuff worked. MS DOS was a big comfort then. Later learned to use it. It took sometime to make it work my way. Many of you used the MS Windows for quite sometime. Even if you sit in front of latest Mac OS with has a legacy for User friendliness, it will be quite wierd to use it for the first time and will take sometime to understand it. If you agree on this, then its the same with Linux. Windows users have narrow vision and got used to the crap. Even if someone creates the best OS in universe, hard core Windows users want another crap only from Microsoft. Check on the issues that are practically faced by Windows users in Microsoft forum. Give it a try.


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