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Lies. damn lies, and statistics - the Unix server market

© September 2005 Tony Lawrence

"There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies, and statistics." The source of that truth seems to be unknown, but it's sure on the mark for statistics reported in the Unix server market.

That market as a whole is said to be shrinking, though IBM's share of it is growing. But then again the entire server market is shrinking.

We're also told that Unix is dying and Linux will take its seat. Hardly the first time that predictions of Unix's imminent death have been made, but never mind that. How do you make sense of all this?

What the heck is a server anyway? In terms of raw power, a desktop PC beats the pants off many a server machine from years past. On the other side, in terms of relative power to the high end, many a machine now called a server would not have been so nominated in my younger years. PC's were PC's, servers were servers, and anything else was a "mini". There are no more "mini's", but if the high end has four zillion bozoflops of performance, and costs millions of dollars, how can a $1,800.00 toy from Dell share the same nomenclature? And as prices are shrinking anyway, shouldn't these stats be reported in terms of units sold rather than their dollar value? Or really, since we are talking servers here, shouldn't it all be looked at in terms of the services supplied? If we looked at services, the server market is surely growing: servers are doing more things for more users than ever before. How does Unix fit into THAT picture? In other words, are Unix servers doing more work overall than Gates powered boxes?

Speaking of Gates powered boxes, how many of those are bought with a minimum Windows OS which is replaced by Unix or Linux before being installed? Those get reported as Windows sales, which of course they are, but the Windows gets tossed before the machines sees its first network packet, so the shrinking Unix market or the growing Linux market should have gotten credit for those sales.

But wait, there's more. Unlike the clumsy Windows cpu and ram consuming monsters, Unix and Linux can and does run on hardware that definitely wouldn't be counted in the server class. I have many a customer running Linux mail servers on desktop class hardware. So should those be included in the "server" market stats? I say they should be.

So what does it all mean? Yes, I'm asking you, because I sure don't know.

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-> Lies. damn lies, and statistics - the Unix server market

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Wed Sep 28 14:15:02 2005: 1127   bruceg2004

Nothing but politics, here. Look at how the current administration reports on Labor Statisitcs now, or how they bend many stats, to their liking. They say they the unemployment number is X, yet they do not include the people that are no longer able to collect benefits, and still do not have a job!!

Or, my favorite, "Unemployment was X when Clinton was president" But the X in that example, is the year he took office, and did not include that when Clinton was president, that unemployement went down every single year!

When the people who come up with these stats do not like what they see, they simply assign different names, or methods of counting to things, that do not encompass reality. They break out the smoke and mirrors, and pull a sheet over the unsuspecting, and ignorant, in hopes they will not search out the truth, and accept what they are told.

Thankfully, at pcunix.com, we can see through the rose colored glasses that these folks try to peddle on everyone, and see things for the way they truly are.

Perhaps the people at Microsoft have taken some tips from the current administration on how to make things appear different then they really are, to save their own face. They certainly need some kind of payback, from all the contributions they gave to the Republicans.

<Please excuse my political context here, but I could see no better way of explaining these lies!>

Time to go affix my bumber sticker: "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention!"

- Bruce


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