Microsoft Surface Book is no Apple Killer

So Microsoft has now introduced a laptop. I wonder how Dell et al. feel about that? But never mind slapping your distribution chain in the face, what's this nonsense about luring us away from Apple?

Let's pretend for one silly minute that Windows actually was competitive with Mac OS X. It is not, of course, but let's pretend that I could actually do my daily work with the same ease that I can now on my Mac. Let's further pretend that the Surface Book was half the price of a Macbook (it isn't) and was as carefully crafted and would last twice as long. Yeah, I know: utter nonsense, but go along with me.

So, with all that going for Microsoft, would I be "lured"? No, I would not, because I'm lazy and set in my ways. That's the same reason very few Microsoft users will give up Windows even if they are smart enough to see the better world offered by Apple. It's a pain to switch; you have to learn new stuff and unlearn new habits. It would take a lot to convince many people to do that.

Microsoft is staggering along, weaving this way and that. It might survive, but that won't happen by trying to compete with Apple and Google in hardware or OS software. Microsoft's day in those areas is done.

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