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Why pay for pain?

In a recent newsgroup post (link dead, sorry) , Brian White opined (with regard to Open Server 6):

It's been long run, and good the whole time, and I hate to have to start living in the chaos with everyone else, but if I do have to suffer unexpected and unexplained problems and breaks with backwards compatibility, and systems that have changed recently so that I no longer have very in depth knowledge of them, well then I might as well at least not pay thousands of dollars per box for the privilege.

Exactly. As I have said before, no matter how good OSR6 is, it's far too late. This is the OS SCO needed to introduce in 1997 or even earlier, when they still had customers and resellers hanging in there. Most of the horses are long gone from the barn, and the only ones left are the ones that prefer the dependability of a steady diet to foraging elsewhere. But now SCO's going to change the feed mix, and rather drastically. Across the river is all kinds of free food, albeit each with its own set of problems, but hey - FREE. Who wants to pay for pain? That is, if your are going to have pain no matter what, it sure as hell seems stupid to pay for it.

And that's Brian's point. Read the rest, it's worth the click.

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Wed Oct 19 17:13:35 2005: 1220   BigDumbDinosaur

Brian's got it right. OSR 6 seems to have acquired some of the odiousness of Windows -- perhaps Microsoft's buying a stake in Caldera...er...SCO had a negative effect. I had encountered a few problems with OSR 5.0.7 when it first came on the scene, but they were quickly rectified and the 5.0.7 installations I have running are stable and troublefree.

However, with OSR 6, the time has come, methinks, to completely break away from SCO and focus solely on Linux. As you said, Tony, SCO is only about 7 or 8 years behind schedule with this. Linux may be chaotic, but it is current, constantly improving, and reasonable in cost. I'd rather deal with some amount of chaos, instead of having to put up with overpriced software that's always significantly behind the curve, supported by a company whose arrogance apparently knows no bounds. Score: Linux 1, SCO -1.

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