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I'm heading out to the polls soon.

I'm sixty years old and this is the first election where I will be voting FOR someone rather than voting against the candidate I dislike the most.

I bet a lot of Americans feel that way today - whether your choice is McCain or Obama. That has its unfortunate side: it means that the country is deeply divided, but it is good not to have the usual Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee to choose from.

Whoever wins is going to have a tough row to hoe. Honestly, I'm fairly pessimistic about America's future even if my choice does win. There's just so much wrong and it is so hard to effect real change..

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. We need to pull ourselves up again. Do your part: get out and vote.

(10:30 AM at teeny Precinct 1 in my town. Big turnout.)

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Tue Nov 4 15:01:59 2008: 4740   BigDumbDinosaur

There's just so much wrong...

Perhaps if we had term limits on congressmen and senators, we'd have an easier time of it trying to produce lasting improvements. I see a lot of what is wrong with our government being the result of career politicians carving out empires for themselves, at the expense of good government.

Also, we need to get out of this mindset that the government can and should do everything for us. This country's long slide toward socialism will result in us experiencing the same sort of economic malaise that ultimately crippled the former Soviet Union. "Redistributing the wealth," which is little more than implementing a Robin Hood-like social philosophy, isn't the answer, despite what a certain presidential candidate might think.

...it is so hard to effect real change.

Change what? I keep hearing about how candidates are going to "change things." Change what? The folks in this election who keep saying change is coming to Washington (or Podunk -- pick your locale) have yet to list any concrete examples of what it is that will be "changed." It's all empty rhetoric and BS, uttered by people who are themselves the cause of, not the solution to, whatever it is that ails us. As long as crooks and panderers who suck up to certain minorities in an effort to garner votes continue to infest our government, nothing will "change." As long as we continue to run this country on a two party system, we will continue to be bogged down in idiotic partisanship, as we have been since the days of Andrew Jackson and the formation of the Democratic party.

You want "change?" Quit voting for the people who are already in the political morass in which "change" is needed. Stop voting for politicians who think the injection of religion into government is what is needed to "improve" things. Tell crooked politicians who claim they take the moral high ground, even though they have demonstrated in the past that they have no scruples (I have a particular senator in mind) that it's time for them to step aside. Lastly, don't vote for politicians because they are going to give you a government handout (again, I have a certain senator in mind). That handout and the "deal" that accompanies it is merely a pact with the devil, and one day you will regret having done it.

Tue Nov 4 15:45:22 2008: 4741   TonyLawrence

Well, we disagree strongly about that certain Senator and about taxes in general, but I can agree with the rest.


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