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Windows 7 learning experience

© October 2008 Anthony Lawrence

This is from Microsoft vows Windows 7 will fix Vista mistakes:

Microsoft also will tweak the User Account Control feature (UAC), which was new in Vista, so it will be less of an inconvenience and work more efficiently for users, Sinofsky said.


Yes, indeedy, I knew they'd back off on security in favor of ease of use. They always do and always will.

Sales pitches for Windows 7:

"Dump that annoying Vista security and upgrade to Seven!"
"You've always trusted us, right? Seven is NEAT-O!"
"Buy Seven now and see what OS X was doing three years ago."
"I'm a PC and I'm easy."
"The bloated hardware you bought to run Vista will work GREAT with Seven!"

It oughtta be wonderful..

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-> Windows 7 learns from Vista, but did they learn from XP?


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Wed Oct 29 13:53:17 2008: 4702   BigDumbDinosaur

I especially enjoy the Mac TV commercial where PC is allocating funds to advertising and to fixing Vista. Now we know exactly where that money is being used. :-)

Thu Apr 30 19:53:36 2009: 6295   TonyLawrence

Too funny:

Mr Curran said that the Microsoft Windows team had been poring over every aspect of the operating system to make improvements.

"We were able to shave 400 milliseconds off the shutdown time by slightly trimming the WAV file shutdown music.

"It's indicative of really the level and detail and scrutiny on Windows 7."

That's from (link) (thanks to (link) )


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