Phone revolution

This is going to be great, and apparently it's only a few weeks away. What am I so excited about? Google Voice.

The feature that attracts me the most is the "one number for all phones". That one number can ring my home phone and my cell phone. If I happen to be temporarily somewhere ese, I'll be able to add that phone to the list also. Not only that, but I can say that only certain callers will cause certain phones to ring.

But there's more. Call screening, of course. Listen in on voice mail as it is left. Have voice mail transcribed to text and sent to my email so I have a record (as it's machine translation, there will be mistakes but that's still valuable).

Record calls and store them. Personalize greetings by caller. Switch to another phone after taking a call! And of course free calling to U.S. numbers.

This is the kind of stuff our telephone companies (land and wireless) should have been doing for us already.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Mon Mar 16 22:16:42 2009: 5724   BrettLegree

I really do hope they bring that to Canada. In the mean time, it still isn't too bad here.

Skype of course works, and while there is no SkypeIn service in Canada, you can get a digital phone number here from (link) and forward that to your Skype account (then forward Skype to your cell phone when you're on the move, etc.)

As you say, this is the stuff that telephone companies should have already been doing - this is why they are suffering, perhaps.

Mon Mar 16 22:31:56 2009: 5725   TonyLawrence

That phone switching feature will be great too. So often I'm talking to someone as I'm driving home. Cell reception is lousy in my house, so I'd switch the call to that phone when I get there.

The multiple phone rings means that if I can't get to a call on my cell phone. my wife can take a message at home. The voice mail to text transcript is wonderful for misheard phone numbers but also for having a record of those..

Wed Nov 2 13:10:26 2011: 10111   AngelaM


Like BrettLegree said, As handy as google voice is, it was never anything really new. Just a twist on the tried and true! :D

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