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Google Adsense and recession

© October 2008 Anthony Lawrence

It's a simple question: will a recession hurt the world of on-line advertising?

On the one hand, if business is lousy, ad rates should fall. That's good if you are an advertiser, bad if you are an advertising publisher.

Some folks say that a recession will turn advertisers away from on-line venues and back to the more traditional newspapers, magazines and radio.

On the other hand, if high fuel costs are a factor, people may do more on-line shopping. If brick and mortar stores close (out of business or just chains tightening up), on-line shopping should become more popular and of course that means more on-line advertising.

Right now, we aren't in a recession. We may be on our way into one, but that's yet to be seen. My Adsense income is reflecting the uncertainty people are feeling: some days it plunges to 50% of "normal" figures and on others it shoots up to double my expectations. Therefore, it's telling me nothing about what the future might bring.

Your opinions?

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-> Will recession hurt on-line advertising and Google Adsense?


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Mon Sep 10 03:30:37 2012: 11284   Appledystopia


Yes. My CTR rate is lower. If you have a site oriented towards consumer technology, don't expect a lot of ad clicks when consumer confidence is low. The winners are sites that promote home economics (cooking), starting your own business, and free entertainment.

Mon Sep 10 11:16:47 2012: 11288   TonyLawrence


Interesting thought.

I think I've been hurt more by other factors, but I suppose that is part of it.


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