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Sell that removable media stock

© September 2007 Anthony Lawrence

This little post about Apple's iDVD software might be the canary that just keeled over in the mine of backup and removable media.

Consider this: if you had fast, reliable and virtually unlimited remote backup, would you bother with tapes and DVD's? I sure wouldn't, and while the remote storage available to me now is neither large enough nor fast enough to meet my backup needs, it's easy to see the day when it will be cannot be far away.

Hmmm.. who's firmly entrenched in the backup hardware market and doesn't do much else? Which backup software vendors seem reluctant to embrace anything but local resources? Those might be good companies to avoid or dump off while they are still doing well.

I think HP might have noticed that canary keeling over: "Use of tape drives in backup environments: Does this type of product still work for you?" (hint: you are supposed to answer "No").

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-> Sell that removable media stock

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