Could technology have saved Cecil?

I have read several articles which defend Walter Palmer and others like him on the grounds that the money they pay allows other animals to live and that sometimes old sterile lions prevent younger lions from mating. Really, these hunters should be applauded as conservationists, they assert.

Personally I would say that a true conservationist would pay just for a picture of the animal his donation is supporting and that if animals do need to be put down, it should be done humanely - I assume the trophy heads will bring good money still.

But that would only work in a world where humans have morals, so let's accept the carnage as necessary.

Why couldn't animals that are to be killed be tagged with a low power beacon that identifies the specific animal as one which may be taken by someone with the proper license? Yes, there would be extra cost, but that can surely be borne by those willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hide in a blind and have the animal baited or driven to them.

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