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SCO bumbles along

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I now, I know: don't kick a man when he's down. Poor SCO doesn't have much time left on this earth, and here I am complaining about their stuff.. oh well, I'm a horrible person and that's just the way it is.

A retail sales customer has a SCO 5.0.7 system that I maintain for them. Someone else does the POS app; I just do the silly SCO stuff. Anyway, the POS guy needed Samba for smething he wants to do, and it wasn't installed, so I went in to do that. Oh such joy: I really, really like putting up an ancient version of Samba on an oldish SCO box. Talk about gilding the lily..

So I ftp'd out to Skunkware (that probably won't last too much longer so why bother to href it and why would you want to go there anyway?) and downloaded the "latest" Samba. That would be Samba 3.0.14.. yeah.., well, I guess it could be worse.

Of course that wouldn't run on 5.0.7 MP3, I needed to also download SCO's MP5 patch, which at the moment is the latest and greatest patch available. Super patch, 265332 KB worth.. pretty much an entire OS replacement from the size of it and how long it took to install. And of course with so much replaced, it needed a reboot, which a retail store doesn't want to do mid day, so I left instructions that they needed to reboot the next morning and that I could finish up Samba by way of ssh.

Silly me.

Next morning I tried sshing in and found I could not. Oh well, probably that super patch broke something.. big deal, they'll reboot and it should be fine. I sent off an email to the customer asking if they had rebooted and got back an answer that said no, they hadn't, because the backup failed and the Guy In Charge would not reboot if he didn't have a good backup.. okey-dokey, I said, but if you don't reboot you probably never will have a good backup because I bet MP5 broke that too..

So a few more days went by, and Guy In Charge asked POS guy why the Samba thingy wasn't working, and he asked me, and I told him, and he asked if I'd go back on-site and "fix it". Sigh.. OK. So I did that, and sure enough confirmed that the backup was broken, and of course Samba wasn't going to work, and I was explaining this to Guy Not Quite In Charge, and he said "So? Reboot it - there's almost no one in the store right now, big deal". So we got everyone off and I did a quick reboot - total downtime probably four minutes at most.. but it was enough to get Guy In Charge to come flying into the room madder than a hornet because he Did Not Want the System Shut Down During the Day. Got that? Yessiree, I certainly did.. mutter, mutter..

Ok, backup still not working, but it was an older version of Microlite Edge, so maybe just not MP5 ready, so I d/led the most recent version I could without costing them and upgrade and that worked.. good. I did a "mkdev samba" and that worked, so I added the shares the POS guy wanted and tested them and that was happy. Now what the heck is with sshd which is still not working?

Ahhh.. on 5.0.7, sshd starts from /etc/rc2.d/S85tcp with a

/bin/su root -c '/usr/bin/sd ssh < /dev/console > /dev/console 2>&1'

Trying that myself, I found it was "sd" that was the problem: it didn't want to start sshd because there was no entry for it in /tcb/files/no_luid/cmdtable.

Well, there certainly was an entry before MP5. It said:


Which basically says that sd can start sshd if the person running sd has the "root" subsystem authorization. Without that in cmdtable, sd won't start it. So of course I just added it, and that fixed that.

Now here's the interesting thing: MP5 dates from 8/3/2006. Ayup - 15 months old as I write this. Do you think SCO knows about this error in cmdtable by now? You bet your bippee they know about it, but have they fixed it? No. Do they even have a TA (technical article) about it? No.

Yeah, yeah, I know: probably nobody left to write a TA - it's really amazing that the servers are still up.. but as I said, I'm not a nice person.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post that in case someone else runs into a problem starting sshd and notices the "This command does not have an entry in /tcb/files/no_luid/cmdtable" message. Just add the line "sshd:/etc/sshd:root" and all will be fine.. well, not really "fine" but you know what I mean..

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Sat Nov 10 19:36:23 2007: 3244   BigDumbDinosaur

Of course that wouldn't run on 5.0.7 MP3, I needed to also download SCO's MP5 patch

Tony, Samba 3.0.14 will run stable on MP4 (I have two clients running it -- they won't be on SCO much longer, though). MP5 is a mess and should not be installed! The fact that the available Samba port at Skunkware is only 3.0.14 should tell you something about how SCO is maintaining their stuff (the current stable Samba release is 3.0.26a, with 3.2.0 available for evaluation).

Aside from SCO's stupid "Linux stole our code" lawsuits, the thing that has completely turned me off to them is their apparent indifference to maintaining the product line. Not everyone can afford to keep upgrading to the next release (OSR 6 now -- hideously expensive and not worth the plastic used to manufacture the CDs). In the case where a critical vertical app (e.g., POS) has been developed on the SCO platform, it may be completely impractical to jump to the next major version -- who knows what bugs will come crawling out of the woodwork!

It sounds as though your client needs to get on Linux ASAP! <Grin>

Fri Dec 12 16:05:48 2008: 4922   anonymous

The entry in /tcb/files/no_luid/cmdtable does not get created if an upgrade was done from a previous version of openserver that had ssh running. Had no issues when it was a clean install or the previous version was not running ssh. I have run into this issue many times with the systems I support.

The current release of samba compiled for sco is 3.0.20 is not on their skunkware site. It is only available on the MP5 cd.

Fri Dec 12 18:18:46 2008: 4923   BigDumbDinosaur

The current release of samba compiled for sco is 3.0.20 is not on their skunkware site. It is only available on the MP5 cd.

The current Samba release is 3.2.6, which tells you how far behind the eight-ball SCO has gotten. It appears no one is maintaining their skunkworks FTP library.

BTW, despite a fair amount of effort, I have not been able to build Samba 3.2.x on OSR 5.0.7. Many dependencies are broken and what ever it was that was done in the past by SCO to compile a working version does not seem to be public knowledge (even though the GPL effectively states that such information must be made available). My attitude at this point is doing anything on SCO is a time-waster. Put 'em on Linux if possible!


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