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802.11g/n High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter


Our summer vacation spot offers free wireless DSL. Most of the time that is sufficient for our needs and when it isn't, I hot spot off my 4G phone. That's not free, of course, so I prefer to use the DSL.

There is a problem though. The DSL hot spot is about 800 feet from us and in between are large metal boxes that our neighbors live in. They may think of those boxes as RV's or camping trailers, but I think of them as signal blockers. The combination of distance and those metal boxes can make for a spotty and unreliable signal.

I found a reasonably inexpensive High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter at Amazon. I chose this one because they had Mac drivers as well as Windows.

Installation was simple. I found I needed USB 3.0 port and an updated Macintosh driver from their support. My older Mac Mini only has one 3.0 port, so it is important to plug into that.

Physically, I located this near a window and as high as possible. I used the provided clip and used it with a beer carton as I had nothing else handy. They did provide a suction cup mount that could have put it right on the window, but in my location that's in direct sun and it got VERY hot.

Antenna Location

Don't forget to turn your normal WiFi OFF. I found that I get a stronger signal and more reliable connection. However, it is still shared DSL, so it's not suitable for watching video. For my use (web and email), it's fine and much improved by this antenna.

Antenna Location

At times, particularly after the computer has slept, I find that the wireless utility will show a good connection but I cannot access any sites. I've found that if I reaccess the Hot Spot welcome page, everything starts working. I bookmarked that page to make that easier.

Antenna Location

This certainly has improved my wireless access.

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