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Translators wanted

We are no longer accepting translations.

We get a fair amount of visitors from all around the world. Most are from English speaking countries, but there are a fair amount of you from other places, and I'd love to be able to offer you at least some of these articles in other languages.

It has to be very frustrating at times for non-native English speakers: most of the Web is English, and it has to be very difficult when writers are sloppy with syntax, use slang or humor or obfuscate with unusual vocabulary. For technical sites, the burden is doubled: it can be hard enough to learn something in your own language, never mind a language that you may only partially understand.

Automatic translation software doesn't seem like the way to go, at least not yet. So therefore I'm looking for translators and am willing to make the following offer:

If you provide a translation of any page here, I'll offer you 75% of available ad space for that page, plus a prominent link to your website in both the article and at our links page.

You can use the ad space however you like: Adsense, YPN, or your own banner: I'll just run yours on three out of four page views. I do reserve the right to reject objectionable material.

Or use it to promote your favorite charity or to post your favorite quotation: it's your space to use.

That's the ONLY renumeration offered. I have no budget to pay for translations.

So: here's an opportunity to help out the non English speaking folks and perhaps earn a little cash. I don't care what page(s) you translate (although I'd suggest drawing from the more popular pages) and I don't care what language: Spanish, Greek, Croation or Choctaw, if you read it, someone else who speaks that language might want to also.

Don't ask me what page to translate. I'd expect you to pick a page that you feel is worth translating and that you feel capable of translating well. That choice is yours to make.

If you'd like to be involved in this, let me know by email. DON'T WORK FROM SHOW SOURCE! I will send you the actual text to be translated for the page you want to do. Remember - you have to tell me what page you want to translate.

It is better for everyone (me and your readers) if you use HTML character entities if at all possible. In other words, use ¨ for an umlaut over a letter, etc.

I do not want and will not accept Microsoft Word or any other word processor format. I want ASCII text, optionally with HTML markup. If you can't do that, I don't want it.

Translators web pages:

Daniel Toker

Claudia Garcez

Thor Kottelin

Got something to add? Send me email.


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Mon Feb 20 16:39:06 2006: 1674   TonyLawrence

By the way, if you don't have anything to sell or promote, you can use the ad space to promote your favorite charity or cause. Or sign up with an affiliate site like Amazon and promote some books or gadgets related to the page you translate. As long as it's not *redacted* or hate material, I don't mind.

Another promotion possibility is to advertise your pages at places like Squidoo ( (link) ) and point to your page there.

Wed Jul 5 13:43:32 2006: 2213   TonyLawrence

A Cambridge MA company wants to do something like this on a grand scale:

While I've had half a dozen people respond to this and express interest, no actual translations have resulted.

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