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I don't know why I never got around to this before now.

I've known about Seti for years, but for some reason I never bothered to participate.

To participate, you just download a client from Seti downloads

After downloading and installing, if it's not a screensaver version, start it up with a script like:

cd /yoursetiinstalldir
while true
./setiathome > myseti.out
sleep 21600

If that script is called "seti", start it with "nohup seti &".

You'll be asked for your email address and other preferences. Once you have that, it begins collecting and processing data. If you want, you can join a group

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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I joined the pcunix.com seti group. I have been a seti user for over 4 years, and I have the client running on a HP-UX box, that I have for development. At the time of this writing, I have 366 results so far. Here is a link to the pcunix.com seti group members: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_177590.html

- Bruce Garlock

Hey, we're almost to 1000!. I've been doing seti off and on for a few years on as many as 4 systems, some dual processors. What better use for an old Proliant 1500 with dual processors acting as a router/print server? I figured I might as well make those old processors do something.

- John 'Hemo' Hiemenz

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