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Bear with us while we redecorate


I haven't been happy with the page layout here for some time. I have been meaning to "do something", but I didn't know exactly how I was going to fix the problems, so I kept putting it off..

It was a comment at FAQ_scotec6slowlogin.html that finally got me off my butt. The guy who left it only saw a few pages, but happened to hit ones with problems, and therefore left a disgruntled comment. I do not like unhappy visitors, so I set out to fix the darn thing now.

As I usually do, I asked my son-in-law. He's a professional web guy, so I value his advice. He sent me to look at YUI Grids CSS. I looked it over, decided it would do what I wanted, and made plans to deploy it.

There's a bit of work to do before the new layout will be site-wide, but it won't take very long. A few things to work around, a few things to be careful of.. I may get it done over the long weekend.

In the meantime, if you see a problem, PLEASE let me know. Leave a comment on the offending page or send me email, and don't forget to include what browser you were using. Thanks!

Why are font sizes so small?

I had trouble reading a web page from my son-in-law's employer's site and mentioned:

I dunno- is this something you've ever thought about or seen discussed? I haven't, and it surprises me, because I know that most folks my age are going to have the same problem- but maybe everybody my age just runs 800x600 where it's not so bad, or maybe there just aren't that many of us on the web?

My son-in-law responded with this:

I get it all the time at work. The management says "That page looks great, but can you make the text bigger?". So I make it bigger, and then our design firm calls up and says "The page looks good, but why is the text so damn big?"

I've set the text on those pages to 10pts, which is why it appears the same when you switch resolutions (compared to the rest of the page). Based on your feedback, I should probably change it. ;)

Oh, and we do know you mature types have trouble reading it. We don't want you to know what we're saying about you. ;)

One of the features Netscape is missing that Internet Explorer has is the ability to change the font sizes; IE can make everything bigger with respect to the page you're viewing. It's very nice.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Fri Nov 24 05:11:41 2006: 2648   BigDumbDinosaur

In the meantime, if you see a problem, PLEASE let me know. Leave a comment on the offending page or send me email, and don't forget to include what browser you were using.

Oh yes! Be nice about it. It's not as though you have to register and/or pay to view this treasure trove of knowledge.

Fri Nov 24 09:32:22 2006: 2651   TonyLawrence

Ahh, you don't need to be nice :-)

Semi-reasonable is good enough..

I'm still futzing with this Yahoo UI stuff - I don't have it everywhere yet, and I'm not entirely happy with the way IE works with it.. but I'm never happy with IE anyway..

Fri Nov 24 17:12:51 2006: 2652   BigDumbDinosaur

Could you please darken up the text a bit while you are doing your extreme makeover? The text apparently is some kind of light blue, which happens to be in the part of the color spectrum that I can no longer see very well. ah, the rewards of getting old...

Fri Nov 24 17:24:07 2006: 2653   TonyLawrence

Which text? Links are blue, and Comments have a light blue background - is it one of those??

Sun Nov 26 04:54:02 2006: 2655   BigDumbDinosaur

It's the links, especially when on a white or other light backgrounds. My wife says they're blue, which would explain why I can't see them very well. My perception of blue has faded -- it almost seems white to me.

Sun Nov 26 14:15:07 2006: 2656   TonyLawrence

That's hard to change because blue is what people expect for links.

Let's try this: I've changed the background color that it uses if you hover your cursor over a link.

If you use Firefox, you can install the Web Developer toolbar which lets you edit CSS on the fly. What you'd want to try changing is this section in "nslate.css":

color: #0000ff;
background-color: yellow;
text-decoration: underline;

Once you find what works best, let me know. I'll change it if it's not too radical, or you could use the WDT to apply your own stylesheet.

Mon Nov 27 01:20:32 2006: 2659   BigDumbDinosaur

The background switch to yellow when I "touch" the link works fine. The interesting thing is that the text apears to be green when this happens. Again, my wife tells me it isn't actually green, just my color perception playing tricks on me.

The only other thing I've noted is that the font sizes appear to have shrunk. I have to do the Ctrl-+ thing in order to read the pages, which wasn't the case before Ty Penington and the gang showed up. &lt;Grin&gt;

Mon Nov 27 01:46:12 2006: 2660   Tony

I'm glad the yellow works - I don't think that will bother anyone.

Yes, I shrunk the fonts a point - I figure that's easy to compensate for - as usual, the problem is the idiots at Microsoft: if you don't use small Fonts, IE displays much larger than anyone else does.

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