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New Comments Code

Just a quick note: I've updated the "comments" code here to allow you to track new comments. Just add your email address in the field provided (it won't be displayed anywhere) and any additional comments on that page will be sent to you.

For those who don't want to miss anything, I've added an RSS feed for comments: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Aplawrencecomments. That will have all new comments - well, maybe: I haven't quite figured out what to do if there happen to be a whole pile of new comments in one day.. I'll work that out later.

The comments also now bring forward article text and previous comments to make it easier for you to review what was said and to cut and paste when you want to. I also added a field for your website or blog; that's optional, of course.

Let me know if anything acts up or causes you problems.

Got something to add? Send me email.


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Sun Jan 13 23:14:35 2008: 3465   TonyLawrence

Just testing to make sure I didn't break anything :-)

Mon Jan 14 00:04:38 2008: 3466   ScottCarpenter

How about an rss comments feed for individual posts? On WordPress blogs I always subscribe to the post's feed when I comment and add it to a comments folder in Google Reader. More convenient for me than emails.

But not to complain -- email is a nice addition. :-)

Mon Jan 14 01:08:09 2008: 3467   TonyLawrence

Well, it would mean a mind-boggling number of feeds..

I can't imagine how an active site could do that.. Right this minute, that would mean 1,032 feeds for me.. not impossible, but a lot..

Mon Jan 14 01:33:37 2008: 3468   ScottCarpenter

WordPress does it by default, so most WP sites you see have this. Email's not bad, although maybe you need an automatic unsubscribe procedure? I noticed in the email I received that I'd have to email you direct to ask for it to be turned off.

Mon Jan 14 01:58:31 2008: 3469   TonyLawrence

I'll add an unsubscribe link later.. it's simple enough.

I suppose I could add individual RSS feeds, though we usually don't get an awful lot of comments per post so it seems wasteful to me..

Mon Jan 14 02:22:21 2008: 3470   ScottCarpenter

Yeah, it does seem kind of wasteful that way, although since the software takes care of it on the both sides (in my case, WordPress on the publishing side and Google Reader on the subscribing end), I hardly pay any attention.

I do have a lot of comment subscriptions in Reader that are pretty much dead, and that's clutter I wouldn't have with the email, although with that it's kind of hidden that you're signed up.

Again, the email works pretty well -- look, we're even having a conversation here. :-) Usually I'm much less prompt or forget to check back at all.

Mon Jan 14 12:15:51 2008: 3471   TonyLawrence

OK :-)

I'll add the unsubscribe today.. the RSS will take a little longer.

Mon Jan 14 12:18:28 2008: 3472   TonyLawrence

Oops - fat fingered that.. should be ok from now on

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