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What is this?

© July 2008 Anthony Lawrence

I thought these were very tiny hummingbirds until I captured this movie. If you pause it at some point where it is clear against the house, you can clearly see that this is some sort of insect.

Looks like a flying shrimp to me..

The blossom it is feeding from is about 4 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. They make no noise that I can hear.

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-> what is this flying around my butterfly bush?


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Mon Jul 28 21:46:42 2008: 4446   TonyLawrence

thanks to someone who left a comment on YouTube, we have an answer:


Tue Jul 29 12:02:57 2008: 4449   JonR

I'm glad this critter got identified so soon, for I assure you I would have spent as long as it takes today to do it myself! When I see an unknown bird or insect I can't rest till I know what it is (and usually why it scared me silly, in the case of an insect).

What an interesting sight this one was. I wonder if this moth does any particular damage, or particular good, in the ecosystem...?

Wed Nov 19 10:58:20 2014: 12555   anonymous


Hi ..i got one in my warehouse too...
At firat i thought it was a humming bird...so i got my dslr out n only after looking at the still i saw that it was an insect..looked like a prawn with wings n it fed like a butterfly.. i just posted a pic on facebook

Wed Nov 19 11:00:34 2014: 12556   Abhishek


I go on facebook by the name abhishek saigal photography u can find me if u google the full name..thank u


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