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Switching to Feedburner

I've switched to FeedBurner.

Feeds are and will remain available at //aplawrence.com/rss/ but I do encourage you to switch to Feed Burner for a number of reasons, including readability - FeedBurner makes sites available in any format you need.

I paid no attention to FeedBurner for a long time, but it does seem to have become the standard. If you are publishing an RSS feed, you probably should activate a FeedBurner account for it. They offer a large number of services and include tracking and subscription information even with the free accounts.

By the way, if you are an IE user and haven't yet yet upgraded to IE7, stop putting that off. One of the best things it offers is RSS subscriptions: you can just click on the "Subscribe to this feed" link below to get the FeedBurner feed for this site.

You can also subscribe by email if you prefer.

(If the links aren't there quite yet, you can use the orange graphic at the top of every page or just check an older page for the "Subscribe" link.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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