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10 Reasons you need Vista

Obviously you need Vista, and now is the time to buy! Don't pay attention to those Mac and Linux fools.. get Vista today! Here are ten reasons to help justify your purchase:

Hunting for drivers is exciting

Ah, the thrill if the hunt! Vista may not support your printer, but that's what keeps your blood pumping, isn't it? A-hunting we shall go!

You have too much free cash

The bank is always nagging you about excess deposits, right? Well, since you never did find that Vista driver for your printer, here's your chance to spend some of it!

You'll stick with the herd, thank you

"Everybody" uses Windows. Why should you be different?

Thinking for yourself is hard

Microsoft knows what's best for you. If they say it's time to buy Vista, then that's what you need to do. Sure, you might need new hardware, but that's OK - it's only money.

You like solving puzzles

Which version of Vista is right for you? Who knows.. but it'll be great fun trying to figure that out, won't it?

You don't like solving puzzles

Vista's EULA (that's the stuff you don't read that you agree to when you install Vista) says "You may not work around any technical limitations in the software." So if Vista doesn't work the way you want it to, don't try to "work around" it. If you are a technical support person, well, I guess you won't be supporting Vista!

You'd rather rent than own

You don't really buy Vista - you license it. And Microsoft's EULA also says that you can only transfer the software license to someone else one time - they cannot pass it on to another person. So you can give your old computer to a friend, but they can't pass it on themselves.. not with Microsoft Vista on it, anyway!

Your Linux Desktop doesn't get any viruses

Hey, at least Macs get some "Proof of concept" stuff now and then, but poor Linux gets almost now attention at all. Liven up your life, live on the edge: viruses help keep your mind sharp!

Macs and Linux are "ready to work" too soon

Both Macs and Linux suffer from being ready to go when you see the desktop. Windows is still busy doing background stuff and will ignore your clicks.. this is good, because you need some "me" time. Why rush into getting your work done?

You need a break today

Microsoft patch downloads almost always need to reboot your computer, giving you a needed break. Unlike Mac and Linux, you can depend on Microsoft patching frequently (Patch Tuesday!), giving you more breaks.

There you go.. ten good reasons to buy Vista!

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Sun Dec 23 11:30:06 2007: 3350   anonymous

When I installed a Suse-Distro it reminded me of a puzzle.
When I installed a Suse-Distro it took hours to find drivers for my wireless stick.
When I installed a Suse-Distro the forum users told me to "RTFM".
When I installed a Suse-Distro someone told me to "follow the herd" of free-thinking geeks...

and so on.

So, you're pretty soon out of reasonable arguments. But I don't think that this was your intention.

Some Vista Home Premium user

Tue Apr 13 13:49:48 2010: 8412   TonyLawrence


Vista has been thrown to the wolves - literally:


"This means that from today, the OS which hit manufacturers in late 2006 is left entirely at the mercy of hackers who might wish to exploit the now unsupported code."

Kerio Samepage

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