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Amazon Echo

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I've mentioned Amazon Echo to a few people and had a wide range of reactions. Some are mildly intrigued as I am. Many other insist that their smart phone does the same thing, although really that isn't quite true. Your computer probably could function in a similar way, but it hasn't quite got it down either.

What distinguishes Echo is two things: one is the array of microphones designed to pick up your voice without being close or shouting. The other is that this is not my smart phone or my wife's smart phone. It would be OUR Alexa, the helpful little bot that is sitting there waiting for us to need something, just like in the promotional video.

We fire up Google multiple times per day now. We jot down notes, reminders, shopping lists. We don't listen to music, but I do listen to NPR. I could easily see us using something like this and liking it.

I'm not sure I'd like it enough at that price ($199), though. We are already Prime members, so it would only be $99 for us, but I'm not sure I see that much value. Thirty bucks, sure, no brainer, because if it didn't work all that well, it would have to be worth that much.

Well, I did request an invitation. I might just buy it and see.

Amazon Echo

I do like it!

Shop Now - Introducing Amazon Echo

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Sun Nov 9 23:55:42 2014: 12549   mikegauley


Thank you for the heads up. Looks very interesting just not sure if it is $99 interesting. ($199 is a simple NO). The wife and I are discussing it.

Privacy, as Amazon Prime member Amazon already knows a lot about us. With the Amazon Echo they will be adding everything that Google knows and much that is contained on our personal computers. I don't think that will be a problem but I will be giving it some thought.


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