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The last Windows Operating System?

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Microsoft wants to change the way its operating systems work. Recent articles across the web have been explaining why "Windows 10 is the last version of Windows". That's a nice headline, but it should be amended: Windows 10 may the last Microsoft OS you'll get free updates for. After that, you apparently are going to see "Windows as a service" across all sorts of devices. Your phone and computer will both draw from the same well and will be updated as necessary, but you'll probably be paying for that on a subscription plan.

This shift is likely inevitable but it is also dangerous. Microsoft needs the revenue, but consumers won't like it. They'll have choices: Apple is unlikely to move in that direction because its revenue comes from hardware, not the software that drives it. Google might join the parade because of its own difficulties with Android, but that could go either way. Microsoft could be left alone as the only provider trying to tax you monthly or yearly.

I think it will be very interesting watching this develop over the next few years.

Why Microsoft Announced Windows 10 Is The Last Version Of Windows

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-> The last Windows Operating System?

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