Microsoft's Free Software Problem

I came across Microsoft's obsession with piracy threatens to create a Windows 10 licensing mess. I agree, they have a real problem there.

They can't very well give away their operating system. Apple can, and of course so can Linux, but Microsoft needs those revenues. If they gave it away, they'd be dependent on Microsoft Office and a few other more esoteric apps. That surely wouldn't be enough, especially as more and more people realize they do not need Microsoft Word or Outlook.

I bought a full copy of Win 7 and later took advantage of the low cost upgrade to Windows 8. I wonder whether that will be eligible for the free Win 10? It barely matters: I have 8 installed under Parallels on my Mac and almost never use it. If I can upgrade for free, I'll do it just out of curiosity, but if it's more than a very few dollars, I won't bother.

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