Microsoft invents an efficient commmand line interface

I'm tempted to file this in the "Humor" section.

Arstechnica reports that Microsoft will be offering a stripped down server OS they call "Nano". According to that article, "Nano Server shrinks the disk footprint by 93 percent, the number of critical security bulletins by 92 percent, and the number of reboots by 80 percent".

Yes, that almost sounds like a Linux server install, except that the Linux would need less patching and less rebooting.

Of course Microsoft couldn't just hand its faithful a pure command line interface. The poor things would panic without a mouse, so there is a Web interface that holds their hands and keeps their little fingers away from the keyboard as much as possible.

According to Jeffrey Snover [MSFT], Distinguished Engineer and Lead Architect, the reliability is estimated:

What we did was to take a look at all the patches in a year and map them to the code affected. If that code was not in Nano Server, then that patch would not have been applicable. We then looked at the months worth of patches that would have applied to Nano Server. If that month did not have a patch which would have caused a reboot, we counted that as a reduced reboot.

Of course we'd have to assume that this code was written with Microsoft's usual rigorous attention to security, a regimen that has made "Patch Tuesday" a thing of the past.. the past week, yes, but that is the past. Seriously, I have to wonder if "stripped" means what it says: did they pull code out or did they rewrite from scratch? I'd guess the former and I'd bet that will lead to more patches than Mr. Snover expects.

I haven't enough interest to follow patch lists and see how this all works out, but someone else might.

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