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Problems with Yosemite upgrade


I've been running my Mac from a standard user account for so long that I sometimes forget that Apple probably doesn't expect that. It has actually never caused any problems until the Yosemite upgrade, though. Normally, it just asks for an administer account and that's the end of it.

However, my Yosemite upgrade hung upon reboot. It came up, but not running Yosemite yet and with very little working. I took a wild guess that my lack of admin privileges might be the issue, so I did a user switch to my admin account. That was all that it needed; the minute I logged in as that account, the installation continued.

I should also add that it took a LONG time. Messages on the screen saying "X minutes remaining" would be unchanged for an hour or more.

When it came time to update my wife's system, I temporarily changed her to be an administrator before doing the upgrade. Everything went smoothly for her machine. The time estimates were slightly optimistic. but not so far off as to cause me any worry as they did on mine. Overall, her machine needed a less than two hours start to finish. Mine took three times that.

I do find that Yosemite has slowed down my late 2011 iMac. I'm not sure if it affected my wife's 2012 Mini the same way, though it probably has as I think Chrome is the culprit. I see a lot of Google Chrome Helper Not Responding. I assume that will go away with a Chrome update soon.

Update: Chrome 39 has fixed that problem.

Another problem was from this: Monitor OS X LaunchAgents folders to help prevent malware attacks. Apparently that doesn't work right with Yosemite yet, so I just disabled Folder Actions for now.

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