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Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Tiger Edition

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http://www.thexlab.com/ offers Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Tiger Edition as a PDF download ($19.95).

The X Lab puts a lot of Mac OS X Troubleshooting tips on-line, so you might want to take a look at those before purchasing. They do point out that there is much more material in the book than you'll find on-line, though I'd guess a lot of that is simply basic "do backups", "have a ups" sort of advice.

The ebook starts out with installation and upgrade tips, including moving from OS 9, but nothing for the former Windows user. It then moves quickly to maintenance and troubleshooting, and is quite extensive in that area. This would be an excellent choice for someone new to Mac OS X.

Because this is an ebook, all links to related resources are live. I generally don't like PDF books, but being able to search within the book and immediately access hyperlinks is helpful. I doubt there is anything here you can't find on-line, but this is a convenient collection and is also a way to help support the material they do make available freely.

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-> Troubleshooting Mac OS X, Tiger Edition

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