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What the haters missed at WWDC

I've read a number of articles recently that chastise Apple for boring announcements at WWDC 2016. Those pundits failed to see the big picture that those "boring" little announcements paint.

Let's just take some little things. One is ubiquitous cut and paste: copy on your Mac, paste on your iPhone. Big yawn, right? Next is a quiet mention of a new filesystem that shares free space with other filesystems on a volume. More yawns..

And then there's the bit in the next MacOS that will silently move seldom accessed files to the cloud. Are you asleep yet? How about unlocking your Mac with your phone or watch and using Apple Pay for web sites? You are snoring now, of course.

But what you missed is the blurring of devices. The functionality is melding together. The "Apple ecosystem" becomes stronger and more compelling. Given what was said above, how hard is it to imagine a meta filesystem that crosses and supplies ALL your devices, with some of it in the cloud, some of it on your Mac, some on your iPad and you don't really care where it is because you just have seamless access to all of it? How hard is it to imagine a day when you think of everything - Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch and Apple TV - much the same way you think of your mouse or your keyboard; that is, as just parts of the meta computer that you use? THAT is what WWDC 2016 said to me and Apple can implement that reality.

I'm not saying that Google, Microsoft, Samsung et al. can't do this. But Apple is far better positioned to make it happen.

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