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Fixing an overly sensitive trackpad

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My Apple trackpad started acting up last week. The first indication was that I'd lose focus where I was working and have to click back where I wanted to be. Then, a few days later, windows suddenly were moving moving or closing by themselves or large areas of text would be selected without my wanting them to be.

I realized it was the trackpad sensitivity when I hovered over the X on a Chrome browser tab and it closed by itself. I tried that a few more times to confirm it and then went hunting for a solution. I found suggestions to reset the Mac SMC, which might be sensible if I had a MacBook, but this is an external trackpad. I found suggestions to fiddle with trackpad preferences and particulary to shut off "Tap to Click":

Tap to Click is actually sensitivity

That doesn't stop you from clicking; it just means you have press down harder, which I prefer anyway, but that did not fix my problem.

After a bit more searching, I came across a suggestion to press down hard on the corners of the trackpad:

Pressing on corners to adjust sensitivity

I laid the round riser part over the edge of my desk so that the trackpad itself was flat and then pressed with my thumbs as hard as I could on each of corners. Success! The trackpad immediately stopped having a will of its own!

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-> Fixing an overly sensitive trackpad

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