Is the Apple watch the height of innovation or the height of idiocy?


I'm not planning on buying an iWatch. Technically, nobody is, because Apple doesn't use that name, but once this thing starts appearing on people's wrists, that is what it will be called, Apple blessed or not.

My reason for not buying has nothing to do with features. It's simply that I never liked wearing a watch and quit as soon as I bought my first pocket cell phone. Actually, I might have quite back when I bought my first pager - I think that displayed the time so I might have dumped my watch then. I really, really did not like that stupid watch hanging on my wrist!

That aside, I can certainly see advantages to the (Not-i) watch. It certainly would be convenient for email notifiers. I also would appreciate the fitness tracking capability. The calendar could be useful. But everything else seems silly to me.

Pictures? Supposedly it allocates 75MB of storage for photos. Well, gosh, that is 100 photos or so, but what those who gush over this forget is that the photos are watch size. That's tiny. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really can't envision much use for that. If I am being short sighted, please enlighten me in the comments.

Maps? Same problem as pictures. A watch sized map is not useful.

Music? 2GB of song storage, which is maybe 200 songs. You can have it play one of those by voice command, which is nice. But play on what? On your iPhone or on Bluetooth earbuds. Even the best of the latter are bulky and ugly and the limited battery of the watch can't play anything for long.

That battery life would be annoying - apparently the best you can hope for is a few days and I bet that's very optimistic. Hating wearing something on my wrist is bad enough; having to recharge it often would push me over the edge.

But the email and fitness stuff would be nice - if I were not so opposed to watches in general. I just can't get by that.

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