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Still trying to fix an overly sensitive trackpad


As I related Fixing an overly sensitive trackpad, my trackpad has been acting up. I thought I had it fixed with the method I described in that article, but the problem returned after a few days.

It seems warped to me. If I click on the right hand side, the left lifts up. That likely makes it require a harder click on the right and probably causes it to get confused. I've added a liitle piece of cushioning to prevent that.

I also zapped the PRAM (hold Command-Option-P-R after the startup chime) again and cleaned it one more time, but as I've done all that before, I think it's the cushioning that has changed its behavior. Whether it will stay fixed is yet to be seen.

Stabilizing my trackpad

Can you tell that I really don't want to buy a replacement?

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