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Apple's News Publisher shakes things up

When IOS 9 arrives this summer, a new News app will be part of it. That app is upsetting some current news sites because it threatens their business.

On the other hand, it may help smaller sites. Apple apparently is willing to accept RSS feeds even from tiny little sites like this. Of course "accept" doesn't mean they'd ever use it, but it does seem to mean that if you wanted to add this site to the News app, you could. No, it's not just another RSS reader, but if I'm understanding it correctly, it would let users add their own specific news sources.

applying to include this site

Apple did approve my application. According to the email they sent, my channel can be seen (in IOS 9 only) at A. P. Lawrence. I don't have IOS 9 yet, so have no idea what that looks like. I'm not willing to risk messing my iPhone up by installing the beta, so I'll have to wait. If anyone reading this does have IOS 9 and wants to send me screenshots..

Right now, that's just an RSS feed. Later on, I can convert it to Apple News Format - assuming I can figure out their documentation when they finally release it!

It promises to be interesting.

Apple's 'News' app stokes fear among journalists

News Publisher

Apple has some harsh rules for publishers who want to be in its Apple News app

Apple wants to change the way we read news, and it could upend the entire media industry

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