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Manything, Wemo and IFTT make a cheap security camera

A few days ago I left home without my cell phone. I've done that before, but it's usually when I'd only be gone a short time, so I've just sucked it up and gone without. This time, however, I'd be gone all day and then some. I was too far away to turn back when I realized my mistake, so I did what any normal person would do: I bought a new phone.

OK, maybe that's not entirely normal. But in fairness, I have been intending to replace my iPhone 5S within the year, and I really couldn't go all day and into the night without a phone, so I bought a brand new iPhone SE. That's all great and it definitely is a better phone and I'm glad I did it. But what to do with the 5S?

I could trade it in. It would be worth about $100, which did briefly tempt me, but then I remembered the Manything app and decided that turning that phone into a security camera was a better idea. Manything can trigger recording on detected motion and send video to its own servers, so I deleted all the other apps on the phone and configured Manything to do that.

But wait, there's more! Manything also works with IFTTT, and I already have a few lights connected there, so why not also turn on one of them when Manythingdetects motion? That took all of 30 seconds to set up.

an IFTTT recipe for Manything and Wemo

There is a delay here - it takes more than a few seconds for the light to turn on, but for the intended purpose (and the cost), that's acceptable.

Wemo Switch and IFTTT

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