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More control of your IOS camera


I've never been a camera buff. Tell me about f-stops and my eyes glaze over, but on the other hand, there are times when I'd like to take better pictures. That's particularly true when it comes to photographing coins (I collect coins and blog about it).

While my iPhone does a decent job, there are times when I'd like it to do more, so I was very interested to read about this Manual Camera App for IOS8. Apparently IOS 8 made this possible - I had no idea that the cameras could do anything more than autofocus.

I really don't have have a clue what I'm doing. There's not much help at the app site: their FAQ assumes that you already understand the controls. . I did find a good introduction at Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners and of course there is much more to be mined from Google, so I have the basics down now.

Manual Camera App

Whether this will actually improve my photos is yet to be seen. I'm sure I'll have fun trying, at the least.

This is a common date silver dollar that I carry around in my pocket. The first picture is straight from my iPhone camera, the second is using the Manual camera app. Even with what little I've learned so far, I think the second is a better picture.

From iPhone camera app

From Manual camera app

After this, I also came across Camera Plus. This doesn't have all the manual control offered by Manual, but it does take a nice picture:

From Camera Plusapp

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