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Macs are so expensive? You mean like onions?

In a recent comment, someone said this about Macs:

"Is it worth paying double or more? I think not."

I take issue with that immediately. Yes, you can always find a PC for half the cost of any Mac and even less. That's undeniably true. But I strongly contend that if you are talking equivalent quality and performance, the "Apple Tax" is far less and may not even exist at all. Additionally, Macs last longer and retain higher resale value.

But there's more to it than that. The first Windows computer I bought cost me several thousand dollars and that was in early 1980's money when a few thousand dollars was a far bigger chunk out of a paycheck than it is today. Computers today, even the snazzy iMac I am typing this on, are cheap. Hard drives are cheap, monitors are cheap, cpu's are cheap; everything is cheap, cheap, cheap.

For many people today, a computer purchase is not something they have to budget for. It won't require a loan. It's a relatively small expense. By the way, don't imagine that I am rolling in money. I'm partially retired and almost half our income comes from Social Security. We're at the lower end of middle class now and I still say Macs are not expensive!

This is doubly true if you are using your computer for any business purpose at all. If your computer use puts money in your pocket, you may well need something better than the cheapest junk you might find at Walmart or on-line and even a $2,500.00 system may seem like a small expense. It IS a small expense compared to many of the systems I bought in the 80's and early 90's!

I think often people forget the relative value of money. I was reminded of an incident with my wife where she had ordered a tuna sandwich at a restaurant. She asked for extra onions and the waitress informed her that would cost fifty cents extra. My wife immediately said :"Never mind, then".

I shook my head in amazement. Fifty cents? I'm quite sure she had no idea what the price of the base sandwich was and either did I. If it had been fifty cents or even a dollar more expensive than somewhere else, she certainly would have ordered it anyway, so why balk at fifty cents extra for onions? It made no sense and it makes no sense to not buy a Mac for a few dollars more than a high end PC if a high end machine is what you want or need.

If you have no need for high end, buy the low end Windows box or even a tablet. It will last a few years and computers are so overpowered today that it may not even matter to you. But don't tell me that Macs are too expensive: they are not. Go ahead, have some onions on that sandwich!

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