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iTerminal Pro for IOS

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I was using Zingersoft iSSH, but that broke after one of the IOS 8 upgrades and the company doesn't seem to exist now. After searching around, I found iTerminal Pro. However, I needed to add my private SSH key and found that I could not paste it in - it wouldn't accept it.

Looking in the help files, I found this:

How to add a private key?

iTerminal supports authentication with a private
key. Currently we support OpenSSH private key and Putty
private key. You have two options to add a private key.

Option 1: copy and paste a key file in Settings -> Key Management.

Option 2: import a key file using "Open In". You can email
a key file to yourself and open it with iTerminal. Due
to iOS restriction, you will need to rename your key
file before attaching it in your email. For an OpenSSH
private key like *.pem file, rename it to *.pri_key. For
a Putty private key like *.ppk file, you can import it
directly and it will be converted to an OpenSSH private
key automatically. Your iOS device will automatically show
iTerminal in the list of Apps that can open these files
when you long press the attached key file in your Email.

iTerminal Pro  for IOS

That worked, but there are a few things you need to realize. First, that "long press" obviously means press and hold, but only applies to the IOS Mail app, not (for example) Gmail. Second, I'm importing from my iMac, so I simply copied my .ssh/id_dsa to id_dsa.pri_key and mailed that to myself.

However, I didn't have Apple Mail configured for any of my normal mail accounts. Apple gives you a icloud.com account for free, so I set that up in the Mail app and sent it there. I was then able to "long press" and choose iTerminal Pro as the application to use, and that worked.

So, I have ssh access with my iPad and iPhone to my website again.

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Fri Mar 20 20:41:44 2015: 12622   Donal


Thanks for the hint about Zingersoft not existing any more. Time to look around for other options. I have been using iSSH for at least the last 5 years on IOS and never had any issues. Currently running it on an iP4 (IOS7.1.2) iP5(8.2), iPad 2 and iPad Air2 (both on IOS 8.2) and it is as stable as ever.
For those of us that need it - it is probably the most critical app on the phone so sorry to hear that it looks like support days are over. Pity as those who need it would be willing to pay for support and stability.

Fri Mar 20 21:01:04 2015: 12623   TonyLawrence


This iTerminal seems decent. A little problem pasting - they need a button for that - but you can get it after a few tries.

Fri Mar 20 21:16:30 2015: 12624   Donal


When you say IOS 8 broke the app, what combinations of device and IOS was it?
I'm just trying to get a handle on whether the issue will effect me. It was a great pain years back on actually finding a stable and sensible SSH app that could be trusted. Not looking forward to setting everything up again..

p.s..... great to see you back blogging here. greetings from Switzerland !

Fri Mar 20 21:56:11 2015: 12625   TonyLawrence


8.2 on iPad 2

When it asks for my passphrase, the keyboard is dead.

Mon Mar 23 09:10:04 2015: 12629   Donal


Thanks Tony,
I can confirm that iSSH is dead on IOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 on iP5, iPad 2 and iPad Air 2. As you say it is not possible to enter a passphrase and leaving keys on servers that don't require a passphrase is not a wise man's choice.
What a shame.

Mon Mar 23 09:28:56 2015: 12630   TonyLawrence


It is a shame. iSSH was well done.

I guess there just aren't enough of us to justify the effort. Too bad.

Thu Apr 2 05:48:03 2015: 12641   Donal


I had a chance to use iTerminal

Two issues I have - firstly there is no password protection on the app so anyone with access to your phone or tablet gets full access to the app.
Secondly- you can only have one terminal open at a time. That's a pain and quite a restriction. Especially if dealing with redundant systems that require to look at two systems at once.
Otherwise the app works well

Thu Apr 2 09:20:25 2015: 12642   TonyLawrence


Oh, it's definitely not as good as iSSH was! Too bad.


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