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Should I get the cellular option for my new iPad?

Anonymous asks:

Should I get the cellular data option for my new iPad? I'm not sure I'd use it.

I certainly understand. There are so many places where you can get free wireless access, it could indeed be rare that you need that ability. Even if there is no access nearby, if your phone can create a hotspot, you can get the iPad on the net that way.

But sometimes you might need that iPad when there is no wireless access and hotspotting does burn battery life. It does cost a little more to add cellular, and it does add a little weight, but for me the convenience completely justifies that.

Nor do you have to get locked into a monthly fee. Most providers offer pay as you go plans that you can shut on and off - so if you'll only need that cellular access when you are on vacation, you can buy the data then and not pay for it the rest of the year.

If you will use it more aften, you can probably share data with your existing phone data plan. That may cost you a small additional monthly charge, but it does mean that you never have to think about whether or not you have data: if your plan data isn't used up, you have data.

I generally recommend buying this unless you know you would never need it.

At&T: Set up and manage your iPad data plan

Verizon iPad FAQs

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