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I'd be a lot happier about Apple's electric car if Steve Jobs were still in charge

So it seems Apple intends to build a car in 2019. That alone is fascinating: will it compete with Tesla or will it be a more utlitarian vehicle for the masses? Will it be revolutionary by bringing together existing technology in a new way? All that remains to be seen, but honestly I do have concerns.

What everyone seems to think is that this will be a very smart car, but not driverless.That's probably a very good move in general, but I wonder about the Apple's ability to deliver quality automotive software.

Yes, I know Apple has great engineers and designers, but it seems to me that they lost the most important thing when Steve Jobs died, and that was the insistence that everything be RIGHT. Steve didn't compromise. He made mistakes, yes, but didn't let flaws slide by as "good enough" and I'm not convinced that Apple still has that mentality.

Given Apple's rather lax attitude toward security (which was Steve's fault too), I'm also concerned that their automotive software won't be rigorous in that area. It's one thing for the News App in IOS 9 to be balky and quite another for collision avoidance software to bring me to a screeching halt because it screwed up or was hacked. Of course that's true for all autos now, so maybe Apple would actually be better, but I am mistrustful.

Given the mileage on our 2007 Subaru, we might be in the market around 2019.. I wonder if Apple will be anything we'd consider then.

The 2019 Apple Car: What the analysts are saying

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