Apple watch for the Holidays? Don't get ripped off!

If you are thinking Apple Watch this season, let me just warn you of a few things you need to know:

First, you need an iPhone 5 or newer. Most folks know that. Without a current iPhone, the Watch is basically useless.

Second, there are three different watches available: the first Watch, which was for sale in 2015, and two new models that just came out in the Fall. Those are called Series 1 and Series 2. Apple Watch Series 1 is NOT the model they came out with last year. It's new this year and came out with Series 2. It's faster than last year's model.

If you see a watch for $200 or less, it is most likely last year's and NOT Series 1.

Series 1 is just like series 2 except it lacks the GPS and is not waterproof (it is water resistant - safe to wash your hands or walk in the rain). Apple list price for the base Series 1 in 38mm is $269, $299 for 42mm. Series 2 starts at $100 more.

Don't get ripped off.

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