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Is Apple finally taking security seriously?

Sources report that IOS 9 and OS X 10.11 contain some interesting security features. First among these is something they call "rootless", which apparently will prevent even administrative users from messing with certain system files. This sounds a lot like C2 security, doesn't it? Whatever it is, it's good to see Apple paying more attention here. They are also adding more encryption to how apps sync across devices and implementing something called "Trusted Wi-Fi". That last one baffles me at this point - how do you increase encryption with a router that doesn't support it? Unless they mean that communication between their apps will be ramped up, but why not just do that anyway? I guess we'll have to wait to understand that.

If this signals a new concern for security, I'm all for it - it's long over due.

However, there are still reasons to think that Apple still has a less than reasonable attitude. They do add features and fix broken code, but they seem less interested in fixing older systems and seem to delay far beyond what most of us think is reasonable.

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