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Is Apple losing its mojo?

A recent article at Fortune is titled "Why so many Apple Watch apps suck". It answers that by quoting a developer who explains "Every time the interface loads or changes, the Watch and iPhone communicate round-trip over Bluetooth. Whether due to wireless flakiness, 1.0 OS bugs, or (most likely) both, WatchKit is frustratingly unreliable.". That developer did redesign his app to mitigate those issues, so all ends well and presumably other developers will enjoy a faster learning curve.

But why would Apple let poorly performing apps pass app store review? Would that have happened when Steve Jobs was at the helm?

It seems to me that Apple quality control has slipped since Steve's death. This might be yet another example. It seems particularly careless to let bad apps loose on a brand new product, doesn't it? On the other hand, maybe only a few bad apps slipped through. Most reviews have been positive, so maybe these are outliers.

Still, should they have got through? I don't think so. I think Apple has lost some attention to detail and quality.

Why so many Apple Watch apps don't work

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