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Apple News Publisher in IOS 9 Beta 2

I seldom install beta software unless it is in a VM, but I did take the plunge to test IOS 9 on my older iPad 2. My reason was to test Apple News.

My feed in Apple News

If you Google IOS 9 Beta News App, you'll probably read that Apple News is buggy and crash prone. However, those are comments written about Beta 1; the more recent Beta 2 does not experience those frequent crashes.

I put Beta 2 on my old iPad 2. Every app I care about (admittedly that's a small number) works without issues, including News. I am finding News very enjoyable and think it may well become my favorite when IOS 9 is officially released. That said, there are things I think could stand improvement.

The biggest issue I have is not necessarily Apple's fault. Publishers submit content to Apple by way of an RSS feed. There's another way - the Apple News Format - but only a very few publishers have access to that yet, so most are using RSS. Unfortunately, not all publishers are submitting full text RSS feeds. Some provide just a paragraph or two and then a link to the full article. Others provide nothing but a link. That's annoying because it requires two clicks to read the post: one to open it to see the link and then to click on that link. Apple could fix that either by requiring full text feeds or by prefetching the content to avoid the extra click. I hope they'll fix that.

Another thing I find annoying is the "Share" options within Apple News. They offer the usual things: Facebook, Google, Twitter, email and so on, but what they produce is an Apple News link, not an http link. Of course that would be just what you want were you sharing with someone else using News, but that's certainly not the case now and will always be inappropriate for sharing on Facebook and Google. I think that needs fixing. The workaround for now is to click "Open in Safari" and share from there, but that's clumsy.

That's all I have to complain about. Apple News seems to be learning what I like and don't like - for example, the "For You" section was initially cluttered with Sports stories but now those have disappeared. Subjects I do want to read about have replaced those, and I'm happy.

As to my own feed, it's available at Apple News (link requiresIOS9). It is full text and eventually I hope to convert to the Apple format when they finally release it to the rest of us.

Apple's News Publisher shakes things up

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