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Help Support XO computer buyers

I've had two calls this week from folks who bought one of those XO computers and had trouble understanding things.

In the spirit of giving, I've helped them at no charge, but I think that would be a great thing for Linux websites, forums and User Groups to do and advertise that.. it would help people who were big hearted enough to pay way too much just to help someone else out and it could also help promote Linux.

If you or your group are willing to do this, leave a comment here. Don't just leave a link: our spam checking won't allow that. Add text like "Yes, I'm willing to volunteer to help support new XO users".

You'll be helping someone who was nice enough to help someone else and helping Linux - isn't that a good deal? Oh, and you'll also be helping the future success of this project.

Or don't leave a comment. But if you like this idea, if you agree that this is a good thing to do, please help spread it..

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Sat Feb 9 00:18:11 2008: 3622   TonyLawrence

And when I say help spread it, I don't necessarily mean "link to me". That's fine if you want to, but so is just spreading the idea: suggest it at your website, suggest it in appropriate forums.. I think it's a great opportunity!

Sat Feb 9 00:23:45 2008: 3623   TonyLawrence

Also see (link)

That's a direct method you can volunteer.

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