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After closing off comments at Linux in the long run (I closed them off because nobody was saying anything new), I did receive one final email..

I'm not going to publish this person's name or email to save them embarrassment (and perhaps harassment). I do want to show it to you because it shows how ignorant some folks are about Linux.

Here's how it starts:

The  essence of the pudding is in the eating.
Why did Suse, Red Hat and many other version gone out of the market?
Fedora is stagnant...

I didn't know that any of these folks had given up and gotten out of the market. It's probably news to other readers, too. I wish they'd take down their websites, don't you?

I agree Windows is stupid. But why didn't Linux replace that stupid
Linux (5+ versions or brands) people should have addressed this long
long ago!

I'm not sure what this actually means. Is he complaining about the "5+ versions" (maybe he should check Distrowatch and see how many "versions" they think there are!) or something else? That's definitely the kind of question where you have to shrug your shoulders, isn't it? Yes, somebody certainly should have addressed this long, long ago! Whatever "this" is..

Honeywell, HP and finally Windows...None of them is worse than vi! One
has to be a totally crazy person to even consider vi! Vi was born in an
age when Unix was developed using an old PDP-8 or 11 machine. The field
has gone forward,, but not vi! There is no shortage of manuals...anyway

I thought that only emacs people had such hatred for vi and vice versa. In fact, vi has changed a little, but the real point is that it hasn't changed radically because it didn't need to. It's a powerful programmer's editor. If you don't understand WHY vi remains popular after all these years, then you either don't need a powerful editor or you are already using one.. or you are too hopeless to ever understand.

I didn't say Windows is better than Linux as a Webserver. But the
attraction for ordinary people was lost when you could test a Webserver
even on an XP.

I guess the fact that most hosting companies use Linux or BSD webservers isn't important. He's right: XP makes a great webserver.. if you like low uptimes.

I did install StarOffice on Linux (in 2000).. was a disaster! Now in
2008, things might be somewhat better.. but eight years is a long time..

Right: Open Source office Suites have remained absolutely stagnant. Don't bother to go download anything - nothing's changed since 2000!

Linux and to a certain extent Unix too are for hackers! On commercial
platforms, the modern software application development (Oracle, Java
etc) is a failure.... empty buzzwords like SOA etc dominate the market!
This failure is the main reason for the Outsourcing business ... The
failure of application development in the USA and Europe,  is covered up
by outsourcing the development to India by most companies!! A kind of
ostrich syndrome!

Oracle must have gone out of business around the same time RedHat and Suse did, right?

The first Unix clone (you might know it already) was not Linux. In fact
there was a beautiful product called COHERENT sold for 100 dollars in
early 90s.  Coherent was a fantastic product with a 1000 page manual...
Far better than any of the initial versions of Linux. But it went out of
the market because it was not a free product!

You mean this: 1991 Review of Coherent?

Coherent did have a good manual, and it was good value at $100.00. But it was a crappy, very broken product..

I don't know.. is this typical of Windows users? Are they really this ignorant, this out of touch with reality? If so, it's no wonder Windows remains popular.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Sat May 3 16:46:22 2008: 4167   anonymous

The fact remains: Those old guys who created and developed Unix to the art it is today really knew what they were doing. The young guys who now add and enhance code for Unix and Linux also know what they are doing.

Let it be said Windows is a fine product, which has brought the internet to the great masses, but it is Unix which continues to serve that need. The good folks at Microsoft may well eventually develop Windows to the high solidness that Unix is today, but by then Unix will be even more advanced.

Anti-Linux people need to focus on reality: Sometimes the old ways are much better than the new, because there is nothing new under the Sun them old geezers who wrote Unix to begin with did not consider nor want.

Windows is as much a benefactor in the ever increasing power of microcomputers, but it is also a victim as Unix has come into its own now that the hardware has caught up with the requirement for a Unix install.

Text Editors: I preferred emacs because it was simply easier for me to use. I know, vi is awesome and I don't discount how truly robust the program is, but I just never took the time to learn it.

Now that I try to develop on FreeBSD Unix, (link) Easy Editor is the way to go.

The link points to a tarball that is imminently installable on Linux as well as varying flavors of Unix.

Sat May 3 19:27:22 2008: 4168   TonyLawrence

If you are a programmer, you can choose your own editor. If you are doing more general consulting, you need to know vi or emacs - those will always be available wherever you go


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