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Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book

I "finished" my Linux and Unix Troubleshooting E-Book today. Of course it's not really finished: I'll probably be adding and revising for months (and yes, all buyers get free updates), but at 45,000+ words, there was enough to let 'er go.

I have been wanting to do this book for a long time. This is NOT a list of common problems you'd run into on Unix and Linux systems. What would be the point of that? You can look up specific problems on Google for free - why would you need to pay for a book?

No, this is about what you do when the answer isn't on Google. It's hints, tips, advice, scripts.. sure, I do take specific examples but those are presented to show how they were solved, not just "here's the answer".

I do have specific chapters on printing, networking, performance and so on, but again: it's not a listing of the common problems and solutions. Go to Google for that; this is much more.

Right now it's 93 pages and more than 45,000 words - not your typical junky 15 page e-book. As I noted above, I'm sure I'll be adding to it regularly but this is a good beginning.

An Amazon review:

Mr. Lawrence provides an entertaining yet informative guide to troubleshooting Linux systems. His wit and wisdom are never far off making this an enjoyable read while still providing the concepts needed to become an ace Linux troubleshooter. Mr. Lawrence chose to take the approach of conveying principles over step-by-step guidance and that approach really pays off making the reader a thinker rather than a robot performing a set of instructions without insight in principles underlying those instructions. It is a difficult approach to teaching but it is, as the old proverb says, teaching a hungry man how to fish rather than just giving him a fish. Even if you are more experienced with other operating systems, Mr. Lawrence does a fine job of making comparisons so that you can quickly relate what you are learning to what you already know. Everyone who wants to learn the essence of Linux troubleshooting will want this guide handy.

I really enjoyed writing this. If you work with Unix or Linux, I think you'd enjoy reading it.

Partial table of contents:

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-> Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book

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