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I don't know a darn thing about Helios Solutions, but I know they are doing some very smart Linux marketing and I think their business model is one that could make excellent sense for other consultants.

Here's what they are doing in parts of California and Austin, Texas: for $99.00 they'll come to your house and install Linux. This is from the page that describes the service:

We will come to your home and install Linux on your computer either as a stand-alone system or as an additonal option when you turn on your computer. This way you can choose each time if you want Linux or Windows. Many Windows-based software applications can also be configured to run on your Linux system. That means you may not even have to restart if you want to use a certain Windows application. We will also move over all your personal data from Windows to Linux. You will get a two hour tutorial to familiarize you with your new operating system. In addition you will get two weeks of telephone and e-mail support, and one free in-house support visit, should you really need it. See below for our extended support options.

Now THAT is a good idea. For $50.00, you can ship a system to them and they'll install a Linux distro of yoir choice and a week of support once you get it back. Want more support? They are ready to do that, too.

This is smart marketing.

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Thu Jun 19 14:37:39 2008: 4350   BigDumbDinosaur

They can't be doing any configuration or training for that price -- most likely a basic install and show the customer how to get Linux running. The time involved to do anything else would wipe out whatever profit is being realized.

I have a small problem with that sort of business model, in that it creates a level of expectation in the customer that computer services will always be cheap. I don't think this "99 bucks and we'll install Linux" is sustainable over the long haul. However, it does potentially get new clients into the fold and may open the door to higher profit, long-term business.

BTW, we charge 150 dollars to convert a PC from Windows Vista to the 32 bit version of XP (175 bucks for XP64, as it often involves searching for suitable drivers), the price not including the cost of the software itself. One thing we don't do around here is give away services. <Smile>


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