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CUPS and Netgear PS110 by Rob Fantini

© June 2001 Rob Fantini

I installed a NetGear PS110 on Mandrake 8.0 Fri, and here are my notes.

It took over 4 hours as there was a glitch on one of the systems. There are 2 systems at my home office, 1 runs linux only the other dual boots to Windows. Both system use Mandrake 8.0 and use Cups for print services. One was installed as a server with a lot of workstating stuff, the other mainly a workstation with some server stuff..

The printer is an HP OfficeJet model K80x1.

The 2nd system took less than 3 minutes to setup.

This should work on any linux/unix system using Cups and NetGear Ps110 I use Mandrake as Cups is the default lp system.

If all is setup correctly you'll be able to print a test page.

/etc/cups/printers.conf ends up being:

# Printer configuration file for CUPS v1.1.7
# Written by cupsd on Sat Jun  2 02:05:23 2001
<DefaultPrinter hp4>0
DeviceURI lpd://
State Idle
Accepting Yes
JobSheets none none

the cups rpms are:

I also installed XPP and Kups.

Now for the other system. I did all the above and could not get a test page printed from Cups. Instead of printing i'd get the error: 'Could not connect to host (port 631)'

But I could print from command line: lp -dhp40 file worked...

After a lot of fiddling with network settings restarting services, restarting computer, searching groups, searching web.. installing on other computer, comparing config files.... The solution ended up being: edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf uncomment this line:

HostNameLookups On

I restarted cups [/etc/rc2.d/S60cups restart] and all worked..

'Kups' can be used to to configure cups. Kups needs to be run as root. click on server at top of window, then configure cups. click on Network. edit the 'Look for hostname on IP address' by unselecting 'default' and click the box to left of 'Look for hostname on IP address.

Generally Cups , Kups , Xpp are a lot easier to show and tell then explain.

There is a lot of docummmentation available at https://localhost:631/documentation.html

Charles Ruthford added this on Dec 8th 2002:
I just wanted to say thanks to Rob Fantini for publishing the article about Linux and the Netgear PrintServer. It works great on my Mandrake 7.2 installation and I can print to both my Epson 740 and Canon BJC 4100 printers.
After several experiments with the "Printer Configuration" utility and checking what was in the /etc/cups/printers.conf file each time I was able to get the file configured so the printers work.
I finally got it to work with the following steps:
1.) Start the "Printer Configuration" utility.
2.) In the "Here are the following queues" box Select "Add".
3.) In the "Select Printer Connection" box Select "Remote Printer".
4.) In the "Select Remote Printer Connection" box Select "Remote lpd Server:
5.) In the "Select A Printer" box, enter the name of your printer in the "Name of Printer" field. I left the other two fields blank.
6.) In the "Remote lpd Printers Options" box, enter the IP address of the PrintServer in the "Remote hostname" field and a "p1" or "p2" in the "Remote queue" field. The "p1" and "p2" refer to which port on the PrintServer your printer it plugged into.
7.) Click "Ok" and follow the directions to select your specific model of printer.
8.) I would recommend that you print a test page to make sure it works.
Charles Ruthford

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> CUPS and Netgear PS110 by Rob Fantinit

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Kudos to all who have come before .... thanks.

I wanted to add my notes on my experience with Mandrake 9.1

I used Mandrake Control Center

Hardware >> Printerdrake >> Add a new printer >>

Enter a printer device URI >>
Printer Device URI = lpd:// >>
Enter the name you want for your printer. I also left the 2 remaining fields blank. >>

In the "Which printer model do you have?" >>
I chose my printer from the list and clicked OK

Then I set the "Printer default settings" and clicked OK

Printed the test page.

Repeated the same steps for the second printer with the exception of answering the additional question of "Do you want to set this printer ("NAME") as the default printer?"

Brother HL-1440 on P1
Epson Stylus Color 740 P2

Both work as expected.

Also thanks for the site, it is nice to have resources. ;o)

Thanks and congratulation to Rob Fantinit!
I had trouble to use this PrintServerBox with an HP4L and SuSE9.1 and after reading this little Howto I was able to solve the problems!
Wolfram Helmert

Mon Nov 19 21:44:02 2007: 3262   anonymous

Thank you this worked like a dream for suse 10.3 in a mixed windows linux environment


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