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Netgear PrintServer PS110 by Rob Fantini

© February 2001 Rob Fantini

Linux Setup instructions.

Redhat 7.0

Editor's note:

Although it is usually easy enough to find a Windows PC to configure these with, it isn't absolutely necessary. You can assign an IP address using arp (the MAC address is printed on the bottom of the unit) and then ftp to it, using the "Device name" printed on the unit as the login name, "get config", edit that and then put it back. A final "get RESET" will cause the PS110 to read the new config file.

However- if you have Windows on the network, using the supplied configuration program is much easier.

Also you don't have to use LPR printing- Linux Printer configuration also offers "Direct to port"- the port is 4010 for the P1 and 4020 for P2.

PrintServer Admin:

I used Epson9 to test my DataSouth dot matrix.... Postscript works great for HP ps printers.

References: it took hours of testing and poking around the net & news groups, to get this going. the key info came from:

https://boudicca.tux.org/mhonarc/ma-linux/2000-Jul/msg00564.html(link dead,sorry)

This is my printcap:

# /etc/printcap
# Please don't edit this file directly unless you know what you are doing!
# Be warned that the control-panel printtool requires a very strict format!
# Look at the printcap(5) man page for more info.
# This file can be edited with the printtool in the control-panel.

##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE POSTSCRIPT 300x300 letter {} PostScript Default {} robsps:\ :sd=/var/spool/lpd/robsps:\ :mx#0:\ :sh:\ :rm=\ :rp=lpd:\ :lpd_bounce=true:\ :if=/var/spool/lpd/robsps/filter: ##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE POSTSCRIPT 300x300 letter {} PostScript Default {} robs:\ :sd=/var/spool/lpd/robs:\ :mx#0:\ :sh:\ :rm=\ :rp=lpd:\ :lpd_bounce=true:\ :if=/var/spool/lpd/robs/filter: ##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE epson 60x60 letter {} Epson9 Default {} inv1:\ :sd=/var/spool/lpd/inv1:\ :mx#0:\ :sh:\ :rm=\ :rp=P1:\ :lpd_bounce=true:\ :if=/var/spool/lpd/inv1/filter: ##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE POSTSCRIPT 300x300 letter {} PostScript Default {} inv2:\ :sd=/var/spool/lpd/inv2:\ :mx#0:\ :sh:\ :rm=\ :rp=P2:\ :lpd_bounce=true:\ :if=/var/spool/lpd/inv2/filter:

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© February 2001 Rob Fantini. All rights reserved

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